Back when King K was just a wee thing, changing him was more of a novelty than a chore. Once you got the hang of it, you felt almost around of your agility with those flip tabs. We have a rustic music stand that is anchored on a tub filled with glass shards and wishful thinking and we put one of those contoured changing pads on top. There were these two straps on the bottom of the pad that looked like they were meant to attach the pad on the stand but since I came up with these ingenious idea to put a buttermaid mat underneath the  pad so it wouldn’t slip and felt no need to attach the pad officially, I cut those stupid straps off.

Flash forward to present day. Not only does King K hate to be changed, but he has also developed those ridiculous back muscles so that when you pick up his feet, he arches his back and spins himself towards the wall so that literally only his nose is touching  the table and you are stuck with his ass to your face, wondering how the hell you are ever going to get a diaper on it. If only there was something on a the foam changing pad that could strap him down!!! Wait,what?.. Oh,right.

And did I mention how fun it is having to wipe the wall and the windows down after he pees on them during the two seconds time pod when he doesn’t have a diaper on? It’s almost as if he was waiting for that exact moment to take a leek all over the walls!!

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