My judgment used to end with me collapsing into bed after one too many tequila shots. Now…? They end with me collapsing into bed after an exhausting bedtime routine followed by a beinge-watching session of orange is the new black. Yes, I am watching the series again as I wait for the new season. I have seen tease photos of the season and it is fire!!! While I watch the lovely ladies of prison deal with their daily struggles , I can’t help but think .

You know life on orange is the new black is easier than life as a mom.

For example,

7. Meals are not only made for you,but also served for you.

6. No judgment for wearing elastic waistband pants.

5. When somebody throws a tantrum, no need to deal with it. Just let the guards put them in solitary … er, time out.

4. Actually get a 1 out of 3 chance of getting to pee by myself with the door closed.

3. Low expectations in the beauty and grooming department.

2. The bed mattress is more comfortable than floor of baby’s room when trying to soothe a teething infant.

1. Okay, sure, there is still someone peeing on your floor but it only happens once.

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